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Motorcycle Expos
UX/UI Research & Design,  App/Website Design/Development, Graphic Design

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A new parent company was created to reach its target demographic through UX research, user stories, user flows, brand guide, risk analysis, UI design, wireframes, app/web design, and web development. This resulted in increased website traffic, engagement, and conversions. Additionally, app users were more engaged and a higher revenue was generated from this audience. Higher ticket sales were seen from tens of thousands of live event attendees.

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Motorcycle Expos was a newly created parent company that included the Denver motorcycle live event Colorado Motorcycle Expos ( and Colorado Super Show ( Each show has long been established as being among the top attended motorcycle live shows in the country. Each location had distinct demographics and characteristics to their show. Motorcycle Expos was created to unite the two locations under one parent company and reach its own B2B audience.
Using Colorado Motorcycle Expos as a starting point, a new brand identity needed to be expressed with two new website builds, and and one website redesigned, This needed to drive B2B conversions for Motorcycle Expos and increase B2C conversions for the two individual shows.
Pain Points
Inconsistent design system used on Colorado Motorcycle Expo's website. The exsiting demographic was largely unknown and was not being targeted. Colorado Motorcycle Expos experienced low website traffic/engagement and needed higher website conversions from ticket sales.
I began analyzing existing user surveys, website analytics, and social media data to get familiar with the demographic and identify common trends. High performing content was analyzed for common themes. User personas were created to embody users. Company and user goals were defined more clearly to help decide what features would most benefit both parties and by this be considered low risk.
Using the research for direction, a brand guide was created that included the color palette, color use ratio, typography, logo, mission, values, visual tone, and copywriting tone. New branding conveys a spirit of professionalism, friendliness, and fun that resembles the live events.
Low-fidelity wireframes of the website and app layouts were initially drawn with pen and paper. Higher-fidelity wireframes were created using Figma. Feedback was received from stakeholders and iterations were conducted a direction was decided on.
Since the owner chose Wix as the builder to use, I selected a few close templates in Wix and got feedback from the owner on which one to proceed with. I created the layout first, then added images, copy, added more pages, and features. 
Since the owner chose Wix as the builder to use, I selected a few close templates in Wix and got feedback from the owner on which one to proceed with. I created the layout first, then added images, copy, added more pages, and features. When a version was complete I had the owner test it and he would give feedback. I would make further iterations until he was happy and it was complete.
New features were added to all three sites to increase time on site, engagement, retention, conversions and overall generate extra revenue. This includes a local hotel booking feature, interactive map of the menu, travel guide with local restaurants and attractions with a corresponding interactive map, image gallery, and new CTA’s to increase form conversions.
Mobile App
An app was designed and integrated to have all of the features from the CME website in an intuitive mobile app. This included features to buy discounts, book a local hotel, find local attractions and shops, interactive venue map, image gallery, FAQ, and more. Discount codes were also offered exclusively through the app as a way to drive app usage.
All deliverables include: Website design, brand guide, new logo design, sitemap, user personas, user flows, low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes, website development using Wix, images for web and social media, new website features/functionality, vendor and sponsorship slide deck design
Outcomes/Behavior Changes
As a result, the following outcomes and changes in behavior were seen: increase in website traffic/engagement/conversions, increase in ticket sales, increased engagement on social media, higher attendee numbers, higher overall revenue generated.
Overall, it can be seen that defining the user needs and aligning them with the company's needs is an effective way to drive revenue, ticket sales, and overall audience engagement. The more laser focused branding led to higher conversions from the target demographic.
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