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UX/UI & Graphic Design Process for Groups360
User experience optimization, Website design, SEO, brand creation, ads, images, & signs for online and print.
Groups360 Graphic/Web Design: Text

My work at Groups360 has included user research, UX/UI design, web design/development, branding, graphic design, and SEO optimization.

Groups360 Graphic/Web Design: Text
Groups360 Graphic/Web Design: Pro Gallery

An initial kick-off session would establish the target demographic, message, and concept ideas for the project at hand. Additional qualitative or quantitative user research is conducted to clearly define the intended users. The company goals are aligned with the user goals to create a clear value add. Ideas are brainstormed and ordered in terms of what will most likely provide value to least likely or not known if value will be added. Then, concepts are made from as many different approaches as possible. These ideas undergo testing and are iterated on until fully complete. At this point, further revisions are made to clean up deliverables until they are ready to be published. 

This process was used to complete new UI elements added to the company website and for web/print images.

A full list of work completed includes the following:​

  • Drive the creation of new company branding including creating a brand style guide

  • Design/develop new pages and content for the company website using HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP and plugins

  • Design email campaign layout and imagery

  • Monitor and improve the user experience and SEO of the website

  • Design images for company website and blog use

  • Logo creation and editing

  • Design ads for placement in websites, magazines, trade shows, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

  • Create new designs for trade show booths, sales sheets, Powerpoint templates, Word letterheads, and product guide documentation

  • Use of Adobe XD, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Creative Cloud, Wordpress (Divi theme), Word, Excel, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager

Groups360 Graphic/Web Design: Text

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Groups360 Graphic/Web Design: Image
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