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My Process

Learn about my process from strategy to launch.

From a high level, my process involves empathizing with the user, defining the problem, next I ideate as many solutions as possible, build prototypes, and finally test the solutions. Additionally, I use Lean UX and Agile methodology to drive desired outcomes. Each project will also include the below process.


Free Strategy Session

Phone Consultation

During this first free meeting, we discuss your company's structure, goals, and online presence needs. This allows for a brainstorming session to offer the best solutions. After this meeting, I will further research your company's needs, demographics and online options. I will then get back to you with the best solutions for your needs.


The Design Process

Once a plan is agreed upon, the design process begins. Depending on what is needed, this could include branding, graphic design, and desktop/mobile website design. Wireframes and mockups can be used to help convey different designs. User stories are created to clarify the demographics and needs of the site. Copywriting tone and visual aesthetic are further clarified. A wide variety of templates can be used as a basis to further customize. After the design is created and agreed upon, all of the content is inputted into the live application or website.


Revision Process

Iterations are made until finished!

After all of the content is inputted into the site and thoroughly tested. The first draft of revisions is then written by the client. Next, I will complete all of the edits in the first round of revisions. Similarly, revisions are made until the project is completed!

My Process & Examples: Services
My Process & Examples: Text
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