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UX/UI design and development process for

I was hired by the CEO of to redesign the user experience of the entire website to accomplish the following goals: update to a more modern aesthetic, improve overall speed, and increase revenue from embedded ads. Redesign: Text

After establishing clear goals for the new version of the website, wireframes were created using Adobe XD. A mobile-first design approach was used. As seen below, plenty of space was given to embedded ads, categories were clearly displayed with pictures, and image carousels helped to add a fresh look. Redesign: Text Redesign: Pro Gallery

The header and footer menus were reorganized so that navigation menu buttons would better group similar items. Redesign: Text
efowl header menu.png Redesign: Image

After a couple weeks of trying out different designs and wordpress templates, a clean, simple, and fast design was chosen. Copywriting was added, new compressed pictures were used, custom html/css was written, and all the new elements were finalized. Redesign: Text

efowl homepage.png Redesign: Image
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